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8551 E. Anderson Dr., Scottsdale AZ 85255

Phone: 480-248-6534

Our Trainers

All of our trainers are highly successful, motivating and the most professional in the business. Maximum Fitness Gym offers independent personal trainers the opportunity to work at our gym, and bring their clients to the most Results oriented and best equipped facility in Scottsdale. If you’re looking for the best personal trainer to help you with your fitness goals, check out the team below of over 30 trainers working at our gym. Click on any trainer to see their bio!

And if you are an independent trainer and wish to find out more about working with our gym, and keeping your independence, CONTACT US.

Lisa Berk
Brad Peterson
Larry Smith
Joe Cefalu
Khalid Sakkat
Joe Steel
Kelly Johnson
Brandon Burden
Mike DeMarzo
Karl Deutsch
Jacque Boyd
Woody Hunter
Karen Mullarkey
Marcus Pittman