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Richard Paine

The PRO FIT program is designed around scientific principles and has been carefully perfected over the past 30 years. The program integrates a comprehensive and holistic approach toward fitness designed to bring anyone to his or her genetic potential. With a medically-based and metric-driven approach, our program achieves a consistently high rate of superior results. Our program positively impacts a variety of health factors through proper blood work correction, rehabilitation, custom nutrition plans and tailored personal training programs. Our clients are routinely amazed at how easy it is to plug-in to one of our Fitness Consultants and rapidly meet life changing goals that have eluded them for years.

From day 1 the PRO FIT Training team incorporates all aspects of health to include blood-work, body-fat and weight evaluation and correction, physical rehabilitation, custom designed and integrated nutrition and training programs for you. We will guide, monitor and evaluate your progress – helping you achieve peak results in the shortest period of time possible.

Our main objective is to lead the charge as the premier example for the entire fitness industry where a focused, integrated, holistic, professional and effective approach becomes the status quo.

The PRO FIT Training Approach is a medically, scientifically and physiologically based total holistic approach to training and correcting the client’s health issues from top to bottom in conjunction with other professionals to include: traditional and naturopathic doctors, chiropractors with ART (Active Release Therapy) certification, Deep Tissue Therapists, and other professionals and specialists as needed.

PRO FIT Training incorporates analysis of client goals, blood-work and sometimes medical records and evaluations of X-Rays and MRI results. We carefully review not only changes in weight, body-fat composition, physical fitness in terms of increased strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, and agility, but also changes in blood-work readings which are outside of normal ranges, rehabilitation of physical injuries, corrections of imbalances and compensation issues, working out scar tissue.

Our training programs are combined with a thoroughly written and printed out nutrition program, supplementation, medically supported course of action with/from doctors and course(s) of action for rehabilitation of blood-work and physical injuries and issues with chiropractors with ART certification, Deep Tissue Therapists, and other professionals as needed on a case by case basis.